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Are business cards still relevant after 2020?

Some would agree that business cards were likely the least essential marketing asset during COVID in 2020. With social distancing in effect, people weren't even standing close to one another, let alone handing each other a physical piece of paper for fear of contracting the virus. And with everything going digital, the idea of giving someone your contact information on something that they can easily find online may seem impractical.

Yes, business cards SEEM like they don't have a place in marketing anymore. But now that the world is opening again, are they a relevant tool for businesses to use in networking post-pandemic?

The short answer is YES! Even though their value decreased significantly during the pandemic, they never really went anywhere. I still get tons of card orders from small and medium businesses that go through them like hotcakes. And now that vaccines are becoming available to everyone, card orders are coming in almost every week!

Why are business cards so unique, and will they continue to serve a purpose in marketing and networking in the future?

Here are 5 reasons why business cards are still relevant after 2020.

1) Business cards are still the quickest way to exchange information.

People are busy. We all want information quickly and on-demand. Technology has made this more accessible with a quick web search on your smartphone or computer. But that still requires that you unlock your phone, open your browser, type in the name of the business you are looking for, scroll down across several other similar companies to find get the idea.

Handing out a physical business card is even preferable over simply telling someone your phone number, as that person either has to write it down, enter it into their phone, dare I say, memorize it.

Business cards eliminate all of the extra steps that are unnecessary when the need to exchange information arises. Instead of fumbling with your phone, it's easier if you pull out a card, hand it to the individual, and voila! Instant information exchange.

2) Business cards are meaningful, personal, and physical.

I hear people say all the time how they still love reading physical books. There's something about the smell, the feel, the experience that makes it that much more special for them.

Business cards are no different. People who prefer reading out of a physical paperback book will likely appreciate a personal business card for the same reasons. The physical touch of the card stock and the aesthetically pleasing look of a stylish design can imprint on the mind a memorable experience that can't be replicated by doing a google search.

3) Business cards show your brand and style.

What is one thing that is missing when someone audibly tells you their contact information? Branding. A business card is a perfect opportunity to introduce your potential customers to your brand before being exposed to your online presence. A good first impression makes all the difference to some people, and a business card is often the first impression a person gets before doing business with you.

That's why it is so important to not only have business cards on hand but to make sure that they are high quality and well-designed. The look, feel, and even paper thickness of a premium business card can speak volumes about your business and your brand.

4) They can help make your employees feel important.

So far, we've discussed how business cards can help you and your potential customers, but what about your employees? We all want to feel special, and that goes for employees of any company as well. Knowing that their boss values them for what they contribute to the business can keep them motivated and hard-working.

Many things can contribute to this, which I could expound on in a whole other post, but business cards are one thing that helps an employee feel like they are part of the company. You could even think of business cards as a signature tool for your employees to feel like they are part of the business and brand instead of just "workers for the man".

5) Business cards are necessary for old-school audiences.

Believe it or not, not everyone is on social media. There are old and young alike who prefer to stay anonymous online or not have an online presence at all! Some even consider themselves to be "computer illiterate." Don't leave out the old-school audiences just because they prefer traditional means of communication. Be sure to always keep business cards on hand for the more conventional crowd!

Doing so goes beyond just relaying information to them. It involves empathy, which every brand should cultivate to relate to their customers and serve their needs no matter what they may be.

Well, after considering those 5 reasons, are you ready to order up your business cards? Contact me today to get your order started! I want to help your business grow and succeed. Let's work together: 719.251.2306 |


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