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From Sketch to Finish: Mindful Massage Logo Design

I always love when a client comes to me with a sketch of their ideas.

Sometimes, though, I find that business owners hesitate to send me their sketch because they don't think it looks good enough. They may feel embarrassed because they believe it seems rough or unprofessional.

If you're one of those business owners, I want to encourage you to send it anyway! After all, that is why you are hiring a graphic designer in the first place, right?

Don't worry about sending something that looks rough or unprofessional. Your job is to run your business. My job is to creatively solve the problems your business faces when it comes to its visual identity.

So don't sweat it. Send over your stick figures and pencil drawings. I'll make sure to turn them into something you'll love!

Here is an example of a client's sketch turned into a logo. They wanted mountains and a yin-yang symbol incorporated into the logo while at the same time conveying the feeling of tranquility and peace.

I thought the pointy mountains were probably not a good fit for the look of tranquility, so I opted to go with the rounded mountain range.

The font was also something I had to consider, as it had to lend itself to the peaceful theme of the design. I selected a lovely cursive font that is friendly and easy to read and matched the overall delicate design.

It was a delight working on this design for Mindful Massage. I'm hoping we can work together again soon to help direct their brand in a peaceful and amicable direction.


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