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Logo Design for Scofield Arc & Arbor in Ohio

Here's a fun logo I did for a welding and tree service company in Ohio. The design of the logo has somewhat of a duality to it to show that they specialize in two specific services.

The first "A" in the logo consists of welding beads which the welder on the left is working on. The welder himself and the left side of the tree consist of details that show that welding is a detail-oriented craft, while on the right side there is a solid black fill which indicates the strength and sturdiness of the large trees that the business offers to cut down.

Stacey, the business owner, loved the logo and was kind enough to leave us a very nice review:

★★★★★ Stacey Scofield - "So easy to work with, creative and definitely on top of things. I gave him our thoughts for a logo for our company and within days he came up with a creative logo that was perfect! Thanks for your wonderful work".

I always appreciate working with people like Stacey and am excited to do more projects with her and her team in the future!

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