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Why you should focus on just 1 or 2 social media platforms.

Most businesses feel the need to be present on every social media platform to reach as many people as possible. But is that a practical approach to take?

Let's face it, posting on just one social media platform is a job in itself. So what happens when you try to focus on EVERY platform that exists? You're splitting your focus into 6 or 7 different directions and are likely wasting time that you could spend mastering just one platform. So if posting on all socials isn't the answer, then what is?

The key to winning at social media and building your brand is to find a platform that is most conducive to your business and then focus all of your attention on that one platform. After all, each platform caters to a different audience and has different algorithms, which means you have to change your content to fit each one. If you have a whole team of people working on your social media strategy, then that's great! But if it's just you or another person, that can be overwhelming.

To avoid the wasted time and stress, decide which type of content best fits what you offer. For example, would your business best be represented by pictures, videos, or blog articles? If you're a plumber or electrician, Instagram probably isn't the best fit for you, and you would probably be better off focusing your attention on Facebook. But if you're a photographer or illustrator, you want to show off your visual skills, in which case Instagram is the perfect platform for you!

Finally, be sure to post consistently and push out quality over quantity. Make sure each form of content fits your brand and adds real value. Only then can you be a social media master and reach the right audience for you, which means more sales in the end!

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